Monday, 21 March 2016

Song of the Day

Sk8er Boi-Avril Lavigne

Quote of the Day

This happened to me today when i was playing tennis. This girl kept cheating and the referee was mad at me so she just gave all the points to her. She still didn't win so HA!  Sorry, I'm getting a bit hyper. Calm down! 


Sunday, 20 March 2016

Quote of the Day

Outfit-Step by Step

Hey guys! I LOVE creating different styles for different people depending on what they like and what they look good in. It gives me a good feeling like something’s finally right in the world, when I see their happy faces after finding the perfect outfit. My mum always asks me to help her choose what to wear because I'm the only one in the family who understands and considers what she would like to wear and don’t just give her an outfit that she feels uncomfortable in and ( in plain words) just hates, doesn't matter if she looks good in it or not. So I thought that I should do this short and simple guide to show you the simple steps that you need to take to help people choose their perfect outfit and feel happy in it.

1.       Let people ask you for help. You shouldn't help someone who doesn't need it just because their outfit looks rubbish to you. You can give out suggestions nicely though.2.       Look over their clothes with them and note the ones that they like.3.       Get them to choose their favourite item of clothing.4.       Pick out a few clothes that might look good with that item. Remember to always consider what they think about the clothes you’re picking out. Don’t make them feel not confident.5.       (Help for Step 4): when you’re picking out the outfit, remember colour coordination and the colours that look good on the person you’re helping. Don’t overdo it. Remember the event you’re designing this for, you don’t want to wear jeans and a cool shirt to a formal event.6.       Get the person to try the outfit on. This is really necessary because sometimes the outfit looks great on its own but when the person wears it, EURGH!7.       You can make a few alterations if you wish.8.       If the person who’s wearing it feels comfortable and looks good, then you’re ready to go.

      You can do the makeup, jewellery and other accessories that goes with it later. These are the simplest steps I could make.


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